The Porsche Library

The Porsche-Library is a facility supported by people committed to the preservation of the automotive world. Our Porsche collection comprises of reference books, as well as over magazines, car racing posters, programs and photographs ‐ all donated by the enthusiasts who originally collected them.

The Porsche-Library archival function is to preserve these records of Porsche history – for today’s burdensome paperwork is tomorrow’s historical documentation. In using these materials for research, Auto-Archives staff and volunteers work with authors, reporters, filmmakers, television producers, race teams and fans. Auto-Archives was created with the mission to preserve and share materials from automotive history worldwide.

Auto-Archives adheres to professional archival standards in caring for the hundreds of thousands of items in our collections. Whether a piece of rare fine art or an autographed book, a press kit, or a ticket stub from a race, each item is treated with the utmost care as it is catalouged and located in a secure, climate-controlled environment. Auto-Archives operates as a library, with every item in the collections available for public inspection and use by visitors in person.

The Porsche-Library is designed to serve as both a research library and an archive and welcomes everyone interested in all things Porsche, from the serious researcher to the casual fan.

People unable to visit the Porsche-Library in person are invited to submit their questions to the Archive’s staff via email. The cost of research services is based on the extent of the question. A base fee of a $25 per hour donation is requested, but oftentimes the request is handled free of charge.

Researchers planning to visit the the Porsche-Library to use our resources are asked to contact the staff ahead of time, if possible, so that the materials can be readied for them.